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Blossom Valley Real Estate

One of the southern-most communities of the Bay area city of San Jose is Blossom Valley, east of the Almaden Valley and bordering Highway 85 and the 101 freeway which runs the length of the state of California. It is mostly a series of suburban neighborhoods with the history of being a very larch ranch that served Spanish farmers and a local Californian Indian population in the 17th Century, when San Jose was first settled. Today it is an upscale suburb that is equidistant between the urban, revived downtown of San Jose and the wilds of the Diablo Range of mountains, forests and valleys.

Farther from downtown San Jose than the popular getaway community on the edge of Silicon Valley known as Los Gatos, Blossom Valley is a typical suburban community outside of a big city. Residences are on larger plots of land and there is a lot of nearby nature, with about 2,600 people per square mile, about half of the population density of the city of San Jose. The vast majority of property in Blossom Valley consisting of homes and smaller outposts of commercial locations to serve the greater residential community. The total population of Blossom Valley is around 100,000 residents, with over seventy percent holding down white collar jobs. More than 75 percent of households are families and 52 percent are married couples often with kids, making this a neighborhood people move to settle down and raise their families. However, nearly 35 percent are not married, meaning there is a healthy population of retirees or young professionals who want to live outside a more urban environment. The ethnic demographics break down with most of the population, nearly 65 percent, being Caucasian. About 27 percent of Blossom Valley identifies themselves as Asian.

Because of the vast majority of the population in Blossom Valley are families, retirees or single, successful young professionals, the median income in the neighborhood is quite high for San Jose, or just about any other district in the Bay area for that matter. The median household income is nearly $110,000 per home in Blossom Valley, with the average household income coming in at over $131,000. This is more than enough for most residents to afford the average home in Blossom Valley, which is valued at around $747,000 but can top a million dollars for the more palatial, ranch-style homes of over 2000 square feet. Due to it’s more affluent residents and the suburban location outside of the more urban areas of San Jose, the crime rate in Blossom Valley is also incredibly low as well, making it one of the safe places to live in the San Jose area.

Due to it’s location as one of the outlying communities in San Jose, there is no shortage of nature in Blossom Valley. Even the homes and the land around them offer opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoors, considering the area is less than half as densely populated as the rest of San Jose. Bordering the southern edge of the neighborhood is the Almaden Valley, which has it’s own share of affluent homes and some real history as a mining town during the California Gold Rush of the mid-19th Century. Here there are also numerous parks and hiking trails, leading into the nearby Diablo Range of mountains that create the physical border for San Jose’s city limits and the Silicon Valley communities to the West.

Blossom Valley also formed around a large, historic ranch known as the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch which served much of the area over the years before the area became the state of California, providing dairy, fruit and water to nearby homes and towns. Today it has been transformed into Santa Clara County park with numerous hiking trails, cultural education and various other forms of outdoor recreation. Bordering it is Santa Teresa County Park which has a number of other places to hike or spend time in the relatively temperate climate, which will get as high as 82 degrees in the summer and as low as 38 degrees in the winter.

If you want space, green and quiet where you live, Blossom Valley may be an ideal location for you. It’s a great neighborhood for raising a family and perfect for anyone who likes the outdoors. As long as you don’t mind a slightly longer commute if you don’t work in San Jose, the added distance of Blossom Valley will allow you to get more house for your money.